Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cracked out on reading

So I just finished reading this book that I randomly picked up at the bookstore called World War Z. At first I was like, "a book about zombies, blah..." I can just go watch "Shawn of the Dead" on cable and call it a day. But it sounded kind of interesting and honestly, since getting a Kindle, I've found myself jonesing for real pages like a crack addict in their first day at rehab. So I bought it and it was actually thought-provoking. The author works through individual accounts rather than relying on a grand narrative to tell the story. The premise is that the author is in post World War Z and he is part of the UN postwar commission interviewing people about their experience fighting the zombies. I know this sounds crazy weird but the part that I enjoyed the most is the view of how humanity would deal with a crisis and how people react to that.

Well the point is I liked the book and I got my reading crack on. lol


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