Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cracked out on reading

So I just finished reading this book that I randomly picked up at the bookstore called World War Z. At first I was like, "a book about zombies, blah..." I can just go watch "Shawn of the Dead" on cable and call it a day. But it sounded kind of interesting and honestly, since getting a Kindle, I've found myself jonesing for real pages like a crack addict in their first day at rehab. So I bought it and it was actually thought-provoking. The author works through individual accounts rather than relying on a grand narrative to tell the story. The premise is that the author is in post World War Z and he is part of the UN postwar commission interviewing people about their experience fighting the zombies. I know this sounds crazy weird but the part that I enjoyed the most is the view of how humanity would deal with a crisis and how people react to that.

Well the point is I liked the book and I got my reading crack on. lol


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Digging this Moschino dress from Milan Fashion Week. Muy Adorable!

TV Obsessions

So I'm currently obsessed with a record number of tv shows in the fall season. It doesn't really matter the genre, I love The Rachel Zoe Project ("I die, I die") and Fringe pretty much equally. I guess the only thing that they have in common is that they allow me to experience a world that I would otherwise never see,like in Fringe's case, alternate universes. On the other hand, for me L.A. might as well be an alternate reality so my theory can still hold up in court. Anyway... the obsession of the day was the 2 hour season premiere of Grey's Anatomy. I've literally been watching this show since season 1 episode 1. While I think that most of the characters' plotlines are ridiculous ( C'mon, when in real life can a "George" get with Izzie, Meredith, Callie AND Lexie?? That's just unlikely and semi-incestuous), I still find myself tuning in every week.
Well even though everyone knew that T.R. Knight was leaving, I still was unprepared for the emotional roller-coaster that this grief-theme episode would put me on. Why, you ask? Number 1 because I'm a crazy , number 2 because for once all of the characters had an opportunity to express their version of grief. The token side-plot of the patient was so-so, just another girl who got her arms amputated by a speedboat propeller, no biggie. lol
The one thing that I wasn't so much a fan of was the idea that Seattle Grace hospital and Mercy West would be merging and according to Chief Weber, "I can't guarantee a place for anyone." That is such a transparent cliffhanger that it is not even worth the time. Although I guess I understand that it is a device to move the plot forward, I still kinda feel that we all KNOW that the main characters will be staying , so why make a big deal?
Anyway, I'm sorry for you if you aren't familiar with Grey's, but I needed to get that out there. lol.

So long, till next time!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome Welcome!

So I'm completely new to this blogging world, but I guess we will learn as we go. So for a little bit about me...
I'm "fresh off the boat", meaning I moved from Trinidad and Tobago to Boston for university four years ago and I swear I am still adjusting to the weather. I still can't get used to temperatures below zero degrees ( thats in Celcius to you I just recently graduated and instead of moving home, I've decided to strike out on my own. So here I am, living in Boston (actually Somerville but Boston sounds cooler :-p) and I'm looking for a full time job in addition. Anyway, topics-wise, I'm interested in books, fashion, movies so that what you'll get.

Come take a journey with me!