Monday, April 4, 2011

Addicted to Real life

I watch a lot of reality tv. This is an indisputable fact. Given a choice between a classic old movie and the latest episode (or even a re-run) of the Real Housewives of wherever-is-currently-popular, I will choose the housewives. I can trace this fascination back to the very first reality progam: Survivor. I remember sitting in my aunt's house and watching every episode. "This. Is awesome. I get to watch people do stuff on tv. Regular people like me." The fact that there was a winner and a loser each week just made it even better in my opinion.

Even after Survivor was no longer popular, the spawning of different types of reality shows kept it interesting. After the competition shows came the "follow-me-around-while-I-live-my-life" shows. Finally came the "I'm-really-weird" shows a la Hoarders, Intervention and all those others. And I embraced each new genre with open arms.

Now everyone likes to looks down on these shows and call it a waste and that's fine. But I wonder.... did you watch Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune or StarSearch ? Because the same Survivor, American Idol or America's Next Top Model that you disparage were more than likely based on those family shows that you and your grandparents watched. 

I know that it is ridiculous I should be out there viewing new art shows or going to museums or engaging in some otherwise stimulating cultural activity. But don't act like you aren't secretly watching WEtv Wedding Sundays or the Say Yes to the Dress marathon on TLC.

I'm a well informed, educated woman with a pretty expansive reading list but sometimes I just want to see some dude/lady and their wise-cracking, long suffering assistant navigate life on the "hard" streets of L.A. or watch a crazy lady eat toilet paper (true story from last night's "My Strange Addiction").

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