Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Gathering Storm

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! Instead, after nearly 5 years of living in this disease ridden country, I finally got the flu. And it kicked my ass all the way back to elementary school. The "I-want-my-mommy, snuggling-with-stuffed-animals, needing-ice lollies-for-my-throat" kinda feeling. Not cool. I repeat, NOT....COOL! But I'm slowly getting better and since I just got my copy of The Wheel of Time Book 12 in the mail, I'm going to drown in Rand-land.

Anyone who's ever met me and had more that a 20 second conversation with me about life knows that I LOOOOOOVE the Wheel of Time series, and it really kinda pushed me into my love of fantasy. Since I started reading this when I was 14, this is my Harry Potter, my Holy Grail of Fantasy. ( Sorry Harry, still love ya!) Unfortunately, the author Robert Jordan passed away before he could complete it. But how is there a new book, you ask? Brandon Sanderson stepped into the most awesome shoes ever, and wrote this book. So I will let you know just how awesome it is. :-)

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  1. I hope you're 100% over the flu! I guess your book came at a perfect time...Wheel of Time will make everything better!